Publyswiss Magazine is a new free press release distributed in Switzerland in the canton of Ticino, born in the design of a pair of Architects, Paolo Bergamini and Natascia Odorico, members of the work and comrades in life who hold the already known and the same name Publyswiss Advertising Agency.

Publyswiss Magazine is an illustrated monthly made in Switzerland, destined not only to our compatriots, but also to neighboring countries ... and why not, we like to think big, to all those in the world who love us and want us to follow, this Magazine , besides being printed and distributed free of charge in Switzerland, will be visible online on our site and on ISSUU.

This is a coated and color magazine featuring a variety of topics and ranges ranging from travel and leisure, weekend ideas, technology, fashion and trends, from sports to motors, cell phones and apps, animals, luxury, cooking , furnishings and much more ...

Our goal is to reach the reader with an innovative product, a "social" magazine that offers leisure moments to read with fun and curiosity but with which to interact through social, competitions, polls, photos and articles.

This Magazine promotes and offers visibility to young writers, photographers, talents and readers, we would like this magazine to be just a reflection of us, but we want it to become your venue for meeting and leisure, a means of expressing yourself and give a little bit of themselves, an emotion, a smile.

We hope you have tasted your interest ...